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Showcasing Lori Kirwin FINE Art

Showcasing Lori Kirwin FINE Art


About Me

My Background


I was born and raised in Texas.  I've always loved and had a God given talent for art. In fact, the only time I sat still when I was young was with a pencil and a piece of paper in hand! Throughout the years this adoration never faded. I was fortunate enough to have an art teacher in high school that taught painting. I took Mrs. Bonham's painting classes every year of high school.  Since then my own styles and techniques have grown and changed and continue to do so. 

My Medium


Although I'm drawn to many art forms, the vast majority of the time I use oil paints on stretched canvas for my art. I love the way the oil paints can be manipulated and blended to create vibrant and rich colors and textures, which leave a dramatic effect unmatched by other mediums.

My Inspiration


Painting is a way for me to spend some time alone with God so I often listen to worship music while I paint. I've always had a passion for horses and I also love our Texas pride, heritage and western culture. That is by no means my limit! I've been commissioned for portraits as well as architecture pieces.  I love colors and see them very vividly. Many times, this is what first catches my attention when drawn to a subject piece to paint. I find a lot of inspiration from seeing the beauty in all of God's creations.